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Don't let COVID-19 ruin your Troupe Calendar, AGAIN!

Just $10 per routine - Winners receive cash prizes!


Current routines or past routines - it doesn't matter! All dance troupe routine videos are welcome for submission into the Ultimate Twirling Challenge.

No limit on troupe members either!

Continue to read below for more information.


dancing group

All You Need To Know...

Event Categories

- Jazz
- Lyrical / Contemporary
- Hip Hop
- Entertainment

Entry Fee

$10 per routine submitted.

Unlimited entries per division.

Submissions may be of current or past routines - just enter them into the correct age division! (e.g. A 12/u Lyrical routine taken in  2005 = 12/u Lyrical Division)

Age Divisions & Levels

- Open Age Only (Due to limited entries)

- All troupes are Open Ability.

Music / Timings

- All genres 2-4 mins performance time

Music is own choice. Timing begins with the first note of music and ends with the last note.


We accept ALL videos
- Professional / On Stage
- Studio / Rehearsal
- Alternative Settings


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