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Whatever your style, we have something for everyone!

Just $10 per routine - Winners receive cash prizes!


Current routines or past routines - it doesn't matter! All dance solo routine videos are welcome for submission into the Ultimate Twirling Challenge.

We have two distinct ways of ensuring the UTC is fair and accessible to everyone - Video type and Ability Level.

Continue to read below for more information.


Modern Dancer

All You Need To Know...

Event Categories

- Jazz
- Tap (CLOSED)
- Lyrical / Contemporary
- Hip Hop
- Musical Theatre (CLOSED)
- Entertainment

Entry Fee

$10 per routine submitted.

Unlimited entries per division.

Submissions may be of current or past routines - just enter them into the correct age division! (e.g. A 12/u Lyrical routine taken in  2005 = 12/u Lyrical Division)

Age Divisions & Levels

- Mini (0-10)
- Junior (11-14)
- Senior (15+)

Music / Timings

- All genres 2-3 mins performance time.

Music is own choice. Timing begins with the first note of music and ends with the last note.


We accept ALL videos!
- Professional
Routine has been filmed (either by a professional or spectator) in a performance setting. Usually indoors, in a gym or likewise..

- Home Video

Routine has been filmed at home or in an alternative setting. Generally with open space, no ceiling and/or alternative flooring.


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