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October ?th 2023

A Hybrid Dance and Baton Twirling Competition


A hybrid competition for dancers and twirlers all over the globe, performed live or from the comfort and safety of their homes.

⭐️ Affordable Entry Prices
Simple and Secure Online Transactions
⭐️ CASH Prizes

The Ultimate Twirling Challenge is for...

Dancers & Dance Studios

Ever wondered what it would be like to compete with dancers from across the globe?


With affordable entry fees for both soloists and studio owners, and cash prizes for our winners, this is a dance competition without the stress! 

Baton Twirlers & Coaches

Offering a large range of individual,  pairs and team events, there are lots of ways to join in the fun!

Including an all-round, exciting

multi-event! Who will be our

Ultimate ATTACK Champions
for 2023?

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